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Not I 

“Rafferty's performance is mesmerizing in the moment, haunting in memory, it’s phantasmagoria of syllable and diction erupting from a dynamic maw.”

-Times Union


“Shannon Rafferty delivers what is arguably Beckett’s most noted and challenging work: “Not I.” She sputters at the speed of light – it made my skin crawl and my heart race. Later, I learned from a dear friend that is exactly what “Not I” is designed to do. Read this: “…he hoped that the piece would “work on the nerves of the audience, not its intellect… consider the mouth ‘an organ of emission, without intellect’.”

Work on my nerves it did!


Girard and Rafferty have delivered a version of the piece that exists in the way that I believe Beckett intended for it to."


“Shannon Rafferty as Mary Delgado, Frankie's wife, is a fireball! She's got the humor, the anger and the heart to draw you in and feel her pain during "My Eyes Adored You."



“Shannon Rafferty shines as Mary, the first Mrs. Frankie Valli, sweet and optimistic as a young woman, then disappointed and resentful as a neglected older one.”

-Daily Gazette


“Shannon Rafferty catches the right amount of toughness tempered by affection for her cheating husband, Frankie.”



“Mary Delgado is played beautifully and with an ironic tone by Shannon Rafferty"

-The Berkshire Edge

Jersey Boys
City of Myth; Ilium Sings
City of Myth; Ilium Sings

"Best of all are the three bartenders, who function as a Greek chorus and are played by Troy Foundry members with a sideline as the vocal trio Hold on Honeys: Emily Curro, Raya Malcolm and Shannon Rafferty. Their harmonies are gorgeous and, as actors, they're wholly alive in their roles and the performance"

-Times Union


"Another vocal asset is the work of “Hold on Honeys,” a group of three females who sing great harmonies as they act as a Greek Chorus for the changing moods of the work."

-The Saratogian


“Shannon Rafferty’s electrifying delivery...negotiates the slide from bubbly girl to heartbroken young woman with utter conviction. The dramatic scenes with Ware crackle, and the readings of her songs are revelatory."

-Daily Gazette


"Shannon Rafferty who plays Sally Bowles has two standout numbers – “Maybe This Time” in the first act and “Cabaret” in the second. Rafferty is an excellent actress who is a strong musical performer. Combining both talents she breaks your heart with the drama contained in each song."

-Troy Record


"What fires this production is the acting. Rafferty sings wonderfully (especially on "Maybe This Time"), but she acts even better; her scenes with American expat Cliff Bradshaw (Jacob A. Ware) crackle."

-Times Union

The Miracle Worker

“Rafferty is the star of the show, as she should be…. The show's famous pay-off, with Keller and Sullivan at the water pump, is still striking, heartbreaking and inspiring all at once.”

-Times Union


“...sensational portrayal of Annie Sullivan by Shannon Rafferty. Her Annie is as uncertain as she is dedicated, and in her own way she is as stubborn about accepting compromise as Helen is to change... individually the actresses are very good, together they become a special team.”

-The Record


“Macherone is simply mesmerizing as the young Kellar. She gives a startling, riveting performance. Shannon Rafferty is equally as fine, if not more so, as Annie Sullivan, and when both these extraordinary actresses are together, the stage sizzles. The chemistry between them is palpable. “

-Catskill newspaper


“Emotionally both Rafferty and Macherone cement the teacher/pupil relationship with complete credibility. It’s fine work by two young performers on whom the play hinges.”

-Daily Gazette

A Christmas Carol

“Rafferty offers some raucous fun as a Victorian party guest, and ethereal and mysterioso in her ghostly role”

-The Record


“Shannon Rafferty's Past -- part nymph, part Bride of Frankenstein -- seems to float and shimmer as if in water”

-Times Union


“The scene at nephew Fred’s (a properly hearty Brian Sheldon) crackles, enhanced by the brightly inane laughter of Shannon Rafferty as Sissy and the interaction between Joe Firicano and Jacob Fisch.”

-Daily Gazette

Man of La Mancha
Man of La Mancha

"Sutton, Shannon Rafferty and Emily Mikesell nearly steal the show early in the evening with the contrapuntal “I’m Only Thinking of Him.”

-Times Union


"The rest of the cast is uniformly strong. From Joe Phillips’ Ernest Borgnine-like turn as the barber whose shaving pan is stolen for Quixote’s helmet, to Shannon Rafferty’s very expressive turn as Sancho Panza’s donkey, there are fine bits of acting and musicianship turning up throughout the play."

-The Eastwick Press


"It is hard to find fault with this production. I wish there was more Shannon Rafferty, who had the voice of an angel. I could have listened to her sing all day. "


"No doubt for days following, you’ll be thinking of songs like “I’m Only Thinking of Him,” performed by David Sutton, Emily Mikesell, and Shannon Rafferty, as the number—performed in a church confessional setting—nearly stole the show with its layered hilarity halfway through the first act."

-The Free George

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