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 Shannon Rafferty

Actor Singer Dancer


Born and raised in New York's Capital Region, Shannon caught the acting bug at eight years old while helping her father rehearse his lines for an episode of "Law and Order." Shortly thereafter, she landed her first gig and  hit the road playing the role of Tiny Tim in the national tour of A Christmas Carol, starring John Astin. 

Shannon performed throughout her childhood and after graduating high school, studied musical theatre at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy. Shannon went on to earn a Bachelors of Arts in Theatre at Russell Sage College. 

Shannon has performed at numerous regional houses throughout the country and is a proud member of Actors Equity Association. Shannon is currently a resident acting company member of Troy Foundry Theatre, a and makes up one third of the indie folk vocal trio Hold On Honeys.  

You can download her resume here.




Shannon played Riley in the reading of Separating The Art as part of Troy Foundry Theatre's Dark Day Mondays Reading Series.  


Hold on Honeys are playing the first annual Hootenanny at the Hall, a celebration of some of the best country, bluegrass, folk and blues that the Capital Region live music scene has to offer. We are beyond thrilled to be joining this amazing line up of artists - The Brule County Bad Boys, Zan and the Winterfolk, and Caity Gallagher. Join us at Cohoes Music Hall on March 19th. It’s gonna be a HOOT, y’all! Grab tickets HERE!



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The Miracle worker

Shannon Rafferty’s electrifying delivery...negotiates the slide from bubbly girl to heartbroken young woman with utter conviction. The dramatic scenes with Ware crackle, and the readings of her songs are revelatory."
-Paul Lamar, Schenectady Gazette


"Shannon Rafferty who plays Sally Bowles has two standout numbers – “Maybe This Time” in the first act and “Cabaret” in the second. Rafferty is an excellent actress who is a strong musical performer. Combining both talents she breaks your heart with the drama contained in each song."
-Bob Geopfert, Troy Record


"Shannon Rafferty plays Sally Bowles, and does so closer to Liza Minelli than to recent tarts. What fires this production is the acting. Rafferty sings wonderfully (especially on "Maybe This Time"), but she acts even better; her scenes with American expat Cliff Bradshaw (Jacob A. Ware) crackle with a life only hinted at in the songs."
-Michael Eck, Times Union

“Rafferty is the star of the show, as she should be…. The show's famous pay-off, with Keller and Sullivan at the water pump, is still striking, heartbreaking and inspiring all at once.”
- Michael Eck, Times Union


“...sensational portrayal of Annie Sullivan by Shannon Rafferty. Her Annie is as uncertain as she is dedicated, and in her own way she is as stubborn about accepting compromise as Helen is to change... individually the actresses are very good, together they become a special team.”
- Bob Goepfert, The Record


“Macherone is simply mesmerizing as the young Kellar. She gives a startling, riveting performance.  Shannon Rafferty is equally as fine, if not more so, as Annie Sullivan,  and when both these extraordinary actresses are together, the stage sizzles. The chemistry between them is palpable. “
- Charles Kondeck Hudson- Catskill newspaper

“Emotionally both Rafferty and Macherone cement the teacher/pupil relationship with complete credibility. It’s fine work by two young performers on whom the play hinges.”
- Paul Lamar, Daily Gazette

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Man of La Mancha

"Sutton, Shannon Rafferty and Emily Mikesell nearly steal the show early in the evening with the contrapuntal “I’m Only Thinking of Him.”

-Michael Eck, Times Union


"The rest of the cast is uniformly strong. From Joe Phillips’ Ernest Borgnine-like turn as the barber whose shaving pan is stolen for Quixote’s helmet, to Shannon Rafferty’s very expressive turn as Sancho Panza’s donkey, there are fine bits of acting and musicianship turning up throughout the play."

-Alex Brooks, The Eastwick Press


"It is hard to find fault with this production. I wish there was more Shannon Rafferty, who had the voice of an angel. I could have listened to her sing all day. "

-Richard DiMaggio,


"No doubt for days following, you’ll be thinking of songs like “I’m Only Thinking of Him,” performed by David Sutton, Emily Mikesell, and Shannon Rafferty, as the number—performed in a church confessional setting—nearly stole the show with its layered hilarity halfway through the first act."

-Nicole M. Arciello Berhaupt, The Free George

Screen Shot 2019-10-13 at 3.30.58 PM.png
A Christmas Carol

“Rafferty offers some raucous fun as a Victorian party guest, and ethereal and mysterioso in her ghostly role”
– Phil Drew, Troy Record

“Shannon Rafferty's Past -- part nymph, part Bride of Frankenstein -- seems to float and shimmer as if in water”
- Michael Eck, Times Union

“The scene at nephew Fred’s (a properly hearty Brian Sheldon) crackles, enhanced by the brightly inane laughter of Shannon Rafferty as Sissy and the interaction between Joe Firicano and Jacob Fisch.”
- Paul Lamar, Daily Gazette

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yours, anne

"The cast is nearly perfect. Shannon Rafferty makes Anne into a girl you can take to your heart. She does it with enthusiasm, a lovely singing voice, a genuine sincerity in her playing. We can see her mature, even though her almost constant presence on stage doesn’t allow for many physical changes as the 13 year-old girl matures into a young woman of 15. Rafferty pulls off the nearly impossible task of growing up before our eyes and her love scene with Peter Van Daan, a nicely performed role by Michael Whitney, has the clarity of youth and the precision of the moment."
- J. Peter Bergman, Berkshire Bright Focus


"A major reason the NYSTI production is able to show the growing wisdom of Anne is the terrific work of Shannon Rafferty...her beautiful voice combined with an actresses skill permits her to focus on the person rather than showing the adolescent traits of the character. It is a beautiful mature portrayal befitting a beautiful mature young girl.
- Bob Goepfert, The Record


"Shannon Rafferty plays Frank with aplomb as a loudmouth, a flirt and a thinker all at once."
- Michael Eck, Times Union

Screen Shot 2019-10-13 at 3.39.19 PM.png
Orphan Train

"Every aspect of the production is first-rate, but let me single out a few small pleasures: the fierce seamstress of Shannon Rafferty; Quandt’s delivery of the affecting “One More Chance”; Joel Aroeste’s tender Ben Larsen; Richard Finklestein’s multipurpose rear curtain; Peal’s plucky Jenny; Paul Carter’s menacing conductor; and Franklin’s haunting delivery of the little phrase “a banjo pick” throughout the play."
– Paul Lamar Daily Gazette

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